In The Transmigration of Morton F. the worlds of opera, ritual and computer-gaming coalesce. Commissioned by the Holland Festival, director Sjaron Minailo and composer Anat Spiegel’s creation is a fully digital music theatre performance to be experienced from June 20 on The legendary vocal artist Joan La Barbara performs the protagonist as herself: while visiting Amsterdam she finds herself caught up in a game of cat and mouse with a mysterious character whom she believes to be the reincarnation of iconic composer Morton Feldman with whom she has worked with in the past. As La Barbara’s surreal dreamworld unravels, the viewers are invited to travel the infinite paths of their own choosing through Spiegel’s and Feldman’s compositions.
Location1- Intro main characters.
The digital part. In the VR surrounding you have to collect all the bones that are hidden in the cemetary. Hot spots and sound efx where created to pinpoint the location of the bones.
Using a special designed 360 camera rig the special effects team could film live action and create a digital surounding in which you can submerge yourself and be part of the game. 
An extra layer is introduced that can be 'scrubbed of' using the pad of your computer.
Second location a church in the centre of Amsterdam ''De Duif''.
Third location: The backstage theatre of the main theatre in ''Het Amsterdamse Bos''
Fourth location: the abandoned tropical pool in Rotterdam ''Tropicana''.
Fifth location an almost completely digital surrounding only the white collomn, the bed and the led floor are real.  

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