Klaas Wijnberg

Somebody recently said to me: ''Klaas, tell me... You didn't have to do much art here, did you? Or are you that good I can hardly tell how much you really did?''. 
None the less, I also do 'Crazy', 'Outrageous' and 'Over The Top'.

I work as an Art Director, running my own Art Department where I create props and sets for commercials and music videos. I have worked in theatre for 14 years and as a graphic designer for 5 years. As such, I am able to rely on both a broad network and a vast knowledge of different materials. Needless to say, this comes in very handy.

My English is fluent, as are my Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign skills.

Call: +31620004714
Mail: post@klaaswijnberg.nl
Work:  Tijnmuiden 9, 1046 AK  Amsterdam

I really enjoyed working for:

1 Camera - 72 And Sunny - Adult - Alfred International - Alfredo Gonzales - Amsterdam University Press -
And Beyond - Artbox - Bandit Amsterdam - Big Shots - Bohemia - CZAR - Cheel - Chris Braam - Dapper - DDB - DPPLR - Etcetera - Fitzroy - Fono - Goed Bezig! Producties - Halal - HERC The Agency - INDIE - Iris-worldwide/Amsterdam - Jelle Posthuma - Jelier en Schaaf - KMDG - M&F vormgeving - Menno Fokma - Memphis Maniacs - Minsk - Mysteryland/ID&T - Natwerk - NOSH - OMD - OMGHALLELUJAH - Oxford House- Peer Media - Praaning & Roekens - Rahi Rezvani - Red Magazine - Steam - TBWA\ - Veerstichting - WeFilm - WINK - Wolfstreet - Youngworks - Zonamo Entertainment.
If  you want to get in touch with me, right here, right now.. Use this form below, it does all sorts of magic tricks like sending electronic mail via the interweb.
Although calling me is more direct and will probably work faster.
The choice is yours! Here's my number +31(0)620004714
Thank you!
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