Bandit Amsterdam asked me to create a two and a half meter high waterbottle for KLM.
due to the actual size of the project I decided to team up with Goedbezig! Productions. We found a shop that could mould the giant foam blocks using a 3D mill. We had an special electronic device made by an expert to get the leds, the aircompressor and the doorbell (indicating that the water was ready for use) to work together in a sequence.
And once we got everything neatly packed in a truck we were off to Schiphol ready to shoot the 'Bottle of warmth' campaign.

''In December 2017, KLM employees handed out exclusive, rechargeable thermos bottles to Chinese passengers at Schiphol airport. Inside the arrivals hall, KLM also installed a very large kettle where passengers could get warm water.
With the ‘bottle of warmth’ campaign, KLM hopes to increase her brand awareness in the Chinese market. KLM will keep organizing similar campaigns in the future with the goal to conquer the hearts of her clients ‘at first flight’. How? Through distinguishable thoughtful and caring services.''

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